Brazilian Bioenergy Science & Technology Conference, March 30 - April 1 - São Paulo

The international scientific conference, created as an initiative of the Bioenergy Research Program of FAPESP - BIOEN (Programa de Pesquisa em Bioenergia da FAPESP), will take place from March 30 to April 1, 2020, in São Paulo. The event will bring together researchers, students and leaders from the public and private sectors in Brazil and abroad to discuss the main scientific and technological advances in bioenergy. The conference will also feature the latest results of research supported by BIOEN. During BBEST 2020, the meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency (IEA) will be held. The program of the event will be divided into five thematic areas: Biomass, Biofuel Technologies, Biorefineries, Sustainability and Biofuel Engines and Aviation Applications.

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Intersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste, April 15 and 16 - Fortaleza

Intersolar Summit Brazil Nordeste brings together leading local and international experts in solar energy and renewable energy. The conference will host over 300 delegates and over 25 speakers of the industry to discuss policies, legal challenges and regulatory frameworks, as well as network integration and financing solutions. It is hosted by the Intersolar South America team, one of Latin America's largest conferences for the solar industry.

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CleanTech Forum Europe, May 18-20 - Luxembourg

Cleantech Forum Europe is a conference organized by the CleanTech Group consultancy that has been bringing together global investors, innovators, companies and manufacturers in search of answers to sustainable development since 2002. In 2020, the program will cover six industrial sectors: agriculture, training technologies, energy, chemical industry, resources and environment, and logistics and transportation. Over 125 investors and 60 corporations from over 30 countries are expected.

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Sustainability Research + Innovation 2020, June 14 to 17 – Brisbane

Sustainability Research + Innovation 2020 is a conference event that will be held in the city of Brisbane, Australia, to discuss the science of sustainability, innovation, financing and implementation in various sectors around the world. With a special focus on pollination of ideas and solutions across the Global South and Global North, SRI aims to be a sustainability incubator by 2020.

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ExpoSolar Colombia, June 15 to 17 – Medellín

ExpoSolar Colombia is a fair dedicated to solar energy, LED lighting, energy efficiency and electric mobility, which views this emerging sector as one of the main engines of Colombia's economy and sustainable development. It is conceived as a solar energy hub in Latin America and aims to bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, distributors, government, project managers and others interested in the renewable energy sector.

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