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A quick look at the Low Carbon Economy in Brazil and the world.

Can a city buy its sustainability?
Source: El País Brasil

In a context in which citizens demand greater transparency and efficiency in government investments, with impacts that benefit society and effective measures to mitigate the effects of environmental degradation and climate change, it is essential to reassess the role of public procurement.


Sustainability - Consumers around the world want to know how their food was produced
Source: O Estado de S. Paulo

Sustainability in food production has become a determining factor in competitiveness. Consumers around the world want to know how their food was produced, what technologies, inputs or labour were used.


Car parts made from weeds: The future of green car racing?
Source: BBC News

Selena, a research group in Poland, is directing its work to plants that are not used in the human food chain as a potential source of environmentally friendly plastics. The project has been named Biomotive and has been awarded €15m (£13.5m) by the EU.


Pollutionwatch: soot study shows damage caused by open burning of waste
Source: The Guardian

Not only carbon dioxide, but also soot from fires has an impact on global warming, according to a study. In low-income countries, about 90% of the waste ends up in dumps or is burned in the open air.


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