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A quick look at the Low Carbon Economy in Brazil and the world.

Discover Pink Farms, the largest vertical urban farm in Latin America
Fonte: Época Negócios
The largest vertical urban farm in Latin America was installed in a 750 m² warehouse in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Pink Farms produces vegetables such as lettuce, arugula, basil, spinach and chard by means of a pink LED light that plays the role of solar lighting.

Wind power potency grows 221.7% in the Americas in 10 years
Fonte: IstoÉ
Wind power has grown 221.7% in the Americas in 10 years, from 46 gigawatts (GW) to 148 GW according to the Global Wind Report 2019, published by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the industry's leading reference. In 2019, 13.427 GW were installed in the region, a 12% increase over the previous year. Brazil ranked fourth among the countries that installed the most wind farms in North, Central, South America and the Caribbean.

Fires and floods: Maps of Europe predict the scale of climate catastrophe
Fonte: The Guardian
Detailed maps reveal the scale of possible forest fires, floods, droughts and heavy rains Europe could face up to the end of the century without urgent action to address global warming. An increase of about one meter in sea level by the end of the century without any action to prevent flooding would mean that 90% of the surface of the English city of Hull would be under water, according to the European Environment Agency.

Renewable energy patents increase 28%
Fonte: Renews.Biz
The number of renewable energy patents registered worldwide jumped 28% to 20,905 in 2018/19, as opposed to 16,287 in 2017/18, according to the law firm EMW. The research examines patents for solar, wind, biofuels, hydroelectric, geothermal and waste-generated energy. The solar energy sector was considered to receive the most patent applications, accounting for 57% of total 'green' patents in 2018/19.

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