Low Carbon Brazil News

Let's now check some news about low-carbon economy around Brazil and the world.

UN wants to boost global climate action ambitions
Source: Euractiv

In September, a new United Nations summit gathers in New York to mobilize the nations of the world to take action against climate change. The European Union has a great opportunity to pursue their increasingly ambitious goals of reaching zero-net missions in 2050.
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Method assesses GHG emissions in aquaculture.
Source: Feed&Food

With the need to obtain more information about the emissions associated with aquaculture in Brazil, scientists from Embrapa Meio Ambiente (Jaguariúna/SP) and the National Institute of Space Research (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais - INPE), in São José dos Campos, SP, created a Model for sampling and assessing Greenhouse Gases in reservoirs with aquaculture production.

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Climate change is one of mankind's "greatest challenges"
Source: Aprobio

Climate change is "the greatest challenge" facing mankind and the issue will continue to be treated with due priority by Brazil's Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC), according to Minister Marcos Pontes - in spite of the contrary positions taken by leaders of other ministries.

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Oslo, Green Capital of Europe 2019
Source: Cidades Sustentáveis

Urban planners, managers and the Oslo community have been devoting themselves to thinking about policies to reduce carbon emissions in the city, a process that, throughout the past three decades, has resulted in a model that includes waste management, pollution control programs and other measures to ensure a more sustainable future for all.

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