Low Carbon Brazil News

A quick look at the Low Carbon Economy in Brazil and the world.

1st floating farm in the world, in operation in Holland
Source: Época Negócios Magazine
Holland has created the first floating farm in the world to test new ways of producing food in a world affected by climate change. The vessel, docked close to the port of Rotterdam, harbours 32 cows and has three storeys. The basement is used to cultivate fruits to add flavour to dairy products, processed foods occupy the intermediate storey, while cows occupy the upper storey, under solar panels. If successful, this model may be replicated in cities susceptible to floods.

Young girl from Bahia is the first Brazilian to win an UN global environmental prize
Source: Newspaper Folha de S. Paulo
A young girl from the State of Bahia has been the first Brazilian to win the Young Champions of the Earth prize, the main environmental award granted by the United Nations to youngsters between 18 and 30 years old, with a technology that purifies undrinkable water using sunlight, without any chemical product or disposable filter. The device was connected during the test phase into cisterns in the semiarid zone of the Brazilian North-Eastern region, and has already been providing access to clean water to 265 people.

Looking for new energy sources, an English city is digging deep
Source: The New York Times
The British region of Cornwall is investing in geothermal energy from an underground rock formation to supply electric power, stimulate the local economy, and even make sure people can swim all through the year.

Government of the State of Espírito Santo enacts a decree obliging buildings to install photovoltaic plates
Source: TV Globo
The government of the State of Espírito Santo, in Brazil, has enacted a decree obliging new public buildings to install photovoltaic plates to generate solar energy. Their intent to utilize solar energy was announced as a government objective in the second quarter of 2019. This measure, however, does not oblige existing buildings to install such plates.

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