Low Carbon Brazil News

A quick look at the Low Carbon Economy in Brazil and the world.

Green economy grows in Denmark
Source: Bloomberg
Denmark is about to become one of the first carbon neutral countries in the world. Through investment in renewable energy, wind energy meets more than 50% of the country's demand. Cities such as Aarhus have become reference in clean energy. The Scandinavian country's second largest city, it is home to the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers and a thriving hub for energy trade.

Thermal power plant supplied by landfill gas supplies more than 60,000 homes in Nova Iguaçu, Brazil
Source: Rede Globo
A sanitary landfill in Nova Iguaçu, Baixada Fluminense, Brazil, transforms the gas produced by waste into electricity and already supplies more than 60,000 homes. The sanitary landfill, which receives 5,000 tons of garbage every day from five cities in the region, uses all the latent decomposition of organic matter to supply gas to the largest thermoelectric plant in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Microplastics ‘significantly contaminating the air’, scientists warn
Source: The Guardian
German and French scientists have found over 10 thousand microplastic particles per litre of melted snow in the Arctic region of Norway. The discovery of pollution in Arctic and Alpine snow requires urgent research into the possible impacts of contact with these particles on human health.

Heat waves in Europe have had human influence, according to study
Source: Folha de S. Paulo
Climate change caused by human activities played a definitive role in the records of maximum temperatures reached in several European countries at the end of July. The conclusion is from a study by the World Weather Attribution group, which brings together scientists from institutions such as the Netherlands Meteorology Institute and Oxford University, England, based on data from meteorological stations and estimates calculated with eight mathematical models.

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