Low Carbon Brazil at Agnel Environmental Convention

Last Saturday, February 23rd, the 1st Agnel Environmental Convention was held in Fortaleza, Ceará. Promoted by the consultancy, the event was the scene of an important discussion about sustainable development in Brazil.

With over 200 people present, eight panels were presented by leading experts addressing issues such as: waste management, climate change and impacts in the Brazilian semi-arid Northeast, renewable energies, environmental licensing, atmospheric dispersion, environmental compliance and bioreactors.

The project consists of developing the first automated biodigestor for Santa Clara Álcool de Cereais S/A to treat corn vinasse and produce biogas, generate energy or produce biomethane.

During the panel dedicated to Low Carbon Brazil, Mercedes Blázquez, the project leader, spoke about the initiative financed by the European Union as well as some projects in the state of Ceará, including the factory of bricks made of vegetable fibre, tilapia, shrimp and vegetables production by means of aquaponics and power generation, which we will highlight in this issue, and a hydrothermal project, involving one of the largest private electric power generation companies in a thermoelectric plant in the region. With active participation on the event, especially by researchers, investors and entrepreneurs talking about future prospects, Blázquez commented on the possibilities of a new partnership as a pilot project and the possible markets, which, according to the progress of the event, was possible to provide to those interested.

"The Northeast has great potential for clean energy generation. And Low Carbon Brazil is a great opportunity to exchange low-carbon technology, innovation and solutions between Brazil and European Union countries."

The convention also enabled attendees to conduct networking and generate new business opportunities in Ceará.

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