Low Carbon Brazil assesses the environmental impact of selected projects

Low Carbon Brazil's team of experts is performing one of the most important steps in the program, which will be a decisive factor for future financing by financial institutions and green funds: the assessment of the environmental and social impacts of the projects supported.

Projects are being assessed when it comes to economic and environmental aspects. The data collected are, among others, the reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of water consumption or energy saving for the environmental part. Regarding the economic part, the data collected refer to the generation of employment both in Brazil and in Europe, as well as investment values in Brazil.

To date, 30% of projects have been assessed and reports already show significant numbers for the environment. In relation to CO2 emission, the estimated reduction is 30,675 t per year, which is equivalent to the 193-hectare stock in the Amazon Forest.

"Showing those indicators to our steering committee, made up of important Brazilian and European institutions, justifies the European Union's investment in the internationalization and approximation of companies to countries like Brazil. Programs such as Low Carbon Brazil confirm it is possible to have an exchange of technologies, innovative experiences and efficient processes between nations in favour of the environment", observes Mercedes Blázquez, leader of Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil.

Low Carbon Brazil team attends important events of the sector

Low Carbon Brazil, a program financed by the European Union, was present at several environmental events throughout 2018 and early 2019.

During the Biogas & Biomethane Conference, held in March by Página Sustentável, engineer Bruno Luciano, a project consultant at Low Carbon Brazil, presented the initiatives performed by the European Union by means of the program to an audience made up of entrepreneurs of the segment, as well as two projects supported by the program that involve new technologies for the production of biogas and biomethane.

On May 22 Low Carbon Brazil will be present at Ecomondo, during the Biomass Day, presenting some projects and the European technologies involved that will make Brazil progress in its fight against climate change.

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