Low Carbon Brazil’s X Ray

Learn about in which regions in Brazil the 90 projects selected from Low Carbon Business Action Brazil are located.

Brazil has great potential for biogas and biomethane production, but uses only 1.3% of what it could, according to ABiogás, the Brazilian Association of Biogas and Biomethane.

Today, projects focused on generating energy from solid, organic and animal manure waste, as well as in the sugar-ethanol sector are not a common practice, even though the segment has room to grow.

Thus, this month's highlight is the partnership between Greenlane Biogás and SebigasCótica, a biomethane production project in the sugarcane industry in Brazil. And also, with the following differentials: the substitution of Diesel in sugarcane transportation trucks by means of the insertion in the natural gas network or direct sales to end users or consumers.

If we take the environmental impact into consideration, this project can considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions, since it can directly replace fossil fuels in the transport sector, responsible for the release of 48% of CO² in Brazil.

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