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A quick look at the Low Carbon Economy in Brazil and the world.

World wind power generation capacity increases one fifth after record year
Fonte: The Guardian
The global wind energy capacity showed record growth in 2019 for offshore wind farms. The Global Wind Energy Council found that wind capacity grew by 60.4 gigawatts, or 19%, compared to 2018. Growth was driven by a record year for offshore wind power, which grew 6.1GW, representing one tenth of the new wind farm facilities. The Council's annual report found that the USA and China remain the world's largest markets for onshore wind development.

Resilience of ESG actions paves the way for a wave of popularity
Fonte: bloomberg
Investors who have bet on ESG stock strategies reached higher rates this year, fuelling speculation that the strategy of giving priority to companies that do social good will continue to gain supporters long after the current crisis is over. Most publicly traded funds, focused on companies with above-average scores in terms of environmental, social and governance practices, performed better this year, according to Bloomberg Intelligence research.

Paraná works to streamline licensing of the renewable energy sector
Fonte: Canal Energia
The government of the state of Paraná wants to simplify laws for the development of renewable energy in the region. The creation of Programa Descomplica Industrial (Industrial Simplification Programme) was recently announced and it will seek to facilitate the opening and adaptation of corporate laws involving generation of clean energy.
The management has been adopting measures to increase industrial activity in the region, by means of a series of studies to perform the necessary changes in the current legislation and implement a project that allows the unlocking of the system within technical and legal criteria.

BDMG will act in the development of renewable energies in northern Minas Gerais
Fonte: Jornal da Cidade BH
The Development Bank of Minas Gerais (Banco de Desenvolvimento de Minas Gerais - BDMG) has formalized a protocol of intentions for the development of the renewable energy market in Northern Minas Gerais. The goal is to perform actions, studies and analyses to create opportunities for local professionals and companies, aiming at institutional and financial support to the renewable energy sector in the area of the Superintendency for the Development of the Northeast (Superintendência do Desenvolvimento do Nordeste - Sudene).

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