Selected Projects


This project is being developed by the Portuguese company Prewind, specialised in providing forecasting services for the energy market, and the Brazilian company Energo, a consultancy firm providing advisory services for the energy market.

The main goal of the current project is to support the large scale development of renewable energy in the Brazilian electric grid. The project intends to help the large integration of wind energy in the electric grid, with short term wind power forecast. This tool will allow an increase in the penetration of this technology in the grid, optimize the planning of the operation and maintenance actions, and help the participation on the electric markets.

The distinct behaviour of wind production series in Brazil requires new prediction algorithms, and in some cases, new developments based on an adaptation of existing wind prediction algorithms. The prediction of wind production for Northwest region of the country are completely different from South, not only because of the geography but also because of the climate. However, the orography of the terrain introduces a high variability and uncertainty in wind production, in particular at temporal resolutions of 10 and 30 minutes, and creates new challenges of controllability of the electric grid to the system operator (transmission and distribution).


The specific objectives of the project are to develop a wind forecasting service that offers functionality according with the requirements of the Brazilian market as well as to develop new tools for reducing the forecast error, in particular related to the variability of the renewable energy in the grid.


A new short-term wind forecast solution will be created and adapted to the Brazilian market requirements. A system that will substantially increase the effectiveness of the current forecasting tools available, targeting the electrical national system operator, regional transmission and distribution operators as well wind farms operators.