Selected Projects


This project is implemented by a company called Bert Energy GmbH, a small-scale biogas systems franchiser from Germany, and Aalok, developer of energy efficiency solutions from Brazil. The projects aim to transfer Bert Energy biogas technology to Aalok with the aim of Aalok becoming OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) licenser of Bert Energy technology in Brazil.

Electric energy prices fluctuate from 0,38-0,71 R$/kWh in Brazil. The demand for electrical energy is raising faster than production thus creating increases in prices. High energy prices make biogas become competitive. Customers can be farmers and food industry in general. Bert biogas systems can be scaled up from 7 kWh to 1000 kWh. Since grid connection is not necessary for the plant to operate, gives a great flexibility for the installation in remote areas.


Bert Energy has been working since 2010 with their global Franchise Partners to propagate the bert brand and concept around the world. Bert Energy itself does not build plants but works with Franchise Partners to build Bert plants locally.

The Franchise Partner Systems allows insiders and even industry outsiders to enter the biogas market with a unique mass product. Companies which are today already trading in the agricultural sector can expand their scope of business by taking a Bert license. The Franchise Partner System allows a fast-global market penetration.

The technology transfer is the main objective for both parties in this project. Bert containerized biogas technology targets to a vast proportion of Brazilian farmers and the entire agri-food industry in Brazil.

The project aims to building a first demonstrator Bert plant in Brazil for testing with a friendly costumer. To achieve this goal, the project foresees to carry out the required market study to proof the viability of the project, develop the technical feasibility study to determine product cost and features, define sales and market strategy and adapt the technology to the market reality in Brazil. The first demonstrator plant will then undergo a 3-6 months testing period prior to the initiation of the direct sales efforts in Brazil.


Make available already tested biogas technology to farmers generating animal slurry and other biomass so as to produce clean electrical energy or heat.