Selected Projects


The main goal of this project that will be implemented by the German company ee-Nord GmbH & Co. KG and Brazilian company Elektsolar Innovations is to develop a 1 MWp community solar power plant at Ubirajara (SP) under the Distributed Generation model.

Photovoltaics has great potential due to the rapidly growing energy consumption in Brazil and the solar radiation values more than twice as high as in Germany. Coupled with the financing model through citizen participation, the breakthrough to a strong expansion can succeed here.


Elektsolar and eeNord are aiming at creating a pilot photovoltaic power plant of 1 MW installed capacity in Ubirajara (SP) by applying the compensation system of distributed generation of the ANEEL rule 482/12, updated by 687/15.

The innovative financing and participation model of a community solar power plant makes this project a unique one. Here are the main goals:
• To create a long-lasting partnership between Elektsolar and eeNord with commercial success that will allow this model of success to be transferred to other communities;
• To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy conversion;
• To generate jobs on site.


This project aims to involve local citizens in regional value creation and is applicable to other communities or areas throughout Brazil.

As photovoltaic plant construction is still labour intensive, creating new jobs for the estimated 6 month of installation works and, to a lesser degree, during the 25 years operation and maintenance phase. This project and then to follow will create solar installers and engineering jobs in Brazil and a few in Germany in the planning, operations and investment area of solar energy financiers.

The Distributed Renewable Power Generation has significant impact by lowering the need of power transmission between the Amazonian region and the Southern industrial region. In addition, Elektsolar's training courses can be supplemented by a larger solar park, which can serve as illustrative material.