Low Carbon Brazil’s X Ray

Learn about in which regions in Brazil the 90 projects selected from Low Carbon Business Action Brazil are located.

According to a study by the International Centre for Renewable Energy (CIBiogás), the state of Paraná has the greatest potential for generating energy by means of biogas in Brazil. The state has the capacity to supply 4 million homes with an average consumption of 217 kW/h (kilowatt hours). Biogas is a resource for the use of organic materials present in agricultural waste and biomass for the production of energy and biofuels, such as biomethane.

Despite the great potential, according to the institute, Paraná produces less than 1% of its electric energy generation potential by means of biogas. The scenario is changing with the need to implement sustainable energy resources and the state is the first to host a biogas research and development centre in the country, located at Itaipu Binacional. In addition, in 2019, the first biogas plant in Brazil was opened from the treatment of swine waste in Entre Rios do Oeste, in the western region of the state, with a generating unit with a total capacity of 480 KW.

The project we feature below brought together the International Centre for Renewable Energies - Biogas (CIBiogás), an institute formed by 27 institutions that develop and support renewable energy projects - and Spirit Design, a leading international company in strategic design based in Vienna, for the creation of a mobile unit for biomethane production.

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